Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not dead yet

I've let this blog sit idle for a while due to work being hectic as all get out, but not to fear.

First, the escalation league I was running at the local store finally wrapped up. We had clear winners for all three prizes (total points, best painted, and favorite opponent) and even though I was playing for fun and wouldn't have accepted any of the prizes anyway I still was third overall and got a couple of votes for painting and sportsmanship. All in all I'd say it was very successful and I plan to run more events at the store in the future.

This was an 8th edition league, so lets look at the results and see how different they are from a 7th edition league or tournament.

1st place - Dark Elves
2nd place - Scaven
3rd place - Dark Elves
4th place - WOC
5th place - Demons
6th place - VC
7th place - High Elves
8th place - Lizardmen
9th place - WOC
10th place - Beastmen
11th place - Lizardmen

The only real difference is that Scaven and WOC finished ahead of VC and Demons. The Scaven player finished strong. Once the game sizes got up around 2k and he could easily drop over a hundred models on the table (units of 50 slaves with slings) he became extremely difficult to beat. Something similar happened with the WOC player, who was playing a monsters list. Bigger units of monstrous infantry and some Mauraders for cheap ranks made his list much tougher.

So far my Cauldron and Magic support list has been playing well. Frenzied, strength 9 Corsairs can take down pretty much anything. I still need some tuning at the 2500 point level though. My Cold One Knights still don't perform quite how I would like them, either going stupid at a bad time or just not delivering the punch I need them to. I'm also not sure that I have my second Sorceress outfitted the best way. Still trying to hide her and use the familiar to get in range, but there's so much stuff on the table in a 2500 point game that it's hard to find a safe place. Might be time to trade in the Cold Ones for something else with some punch and survivability and find a bodyguard unit for the caster.