Saturday, April 2, 2011

I feel a little dirty

'ard Boyz prelims are coming up in a couple of weeks and Game Kastle is one of the California locations, so I decided I'd give it a whirl. It's free and at the moment the turnout looks like it will be sparse. The problem is that I'm still working towards having a fully painted army for the GT in June so I don't want to lose time doing any modeling prep for 'ard Boyz.

After thinking about it, fiddling with different lists, and checking out other folks 'ard Boyz lists online .... I decided to buy a second Hydra. It's entirely possible that some folks will roll into 'ard Boyz with 3 or even 4 Hydras, so I don't think it's entirely cheesy for a 3k tourney with no comp. I do feel a bit dirty for having it though.

So I'm going to put it together and give it a shot. I've also revised my GT list so now I have two options there. One list with a Chariot and a second unit of Shades, and another with a second Hydra and a couple of extra Corsairs.

I don't think I'll use it for friendly games, and probably not even for local tournaments, but seeing as how these are large scale events I felt like I should pack a little more punch.

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  1. The assumption for 'Ard Boyz is that everyone there will be as douchey as possible.

    Go for it.

    (I'm trying to decide if I want to push for it myself; nearest location is at Lost Shade and apparently it'll be very sparse.)