Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reply hazy, ask again later.

On Sunday I took the Empire for a test drive.

Or rather, I attempted to take them for a test drive.

I had previously tried to get a game in with them on Thursday, but due to various reasons was too late to find an opponent.

Sunday I was not to be denied and succeeded in making it to the store on time and had an opponent.

Game commenced but ... something was just not there.... what was it .... hmmm

Oh right, it was any semblance of decent dice rolling on my part. That was it.

So, while I did get to put the new guys on the table it would be completely unfair for me to judge anything about how the Empire performs as an army or anything about my list or strategy.

I'll give you an example. I was playing against Lizardmen and was fortunate enough to get the first turn. This should have been especially good for me since I had a respectable amount of artillery and the opportunity to, say, blow the Stegadon off the table before it had moved would have made for a nice opening to the game. It was not to be, however, as I let loose with 2 Great Cannons, 2 Mortars, and a Rocket Battery backed by a Master Engineer, some Outriders and a unit of Handgunners and succeeded in killing .... wait for it ..... 2 Skinks.

We shall try again on Thursday.


  1. I hate when that happens. I don't need great dice, just give me average dice, you know?

    If it makes you feel better (and it probably won't, but it makes me feel good) I played my first game in months against Sean last week: the exact opposite happened. My dice were brutal.

  2. That does actually make me feel better, considering how badly his 'all ward saves - all the time' Wood Elves beat me last time I played him.

    But I'm not bitter.