Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some experimenting

So today I'm going to try a little experiment. I'm going to play an army other than Dark Elves.

Yes yes, I know. Sacrilege!

I went ahead and picked up the Empire army my coworker was selling and am going to kick the tires on it in a 2500 point game this afternoon against... Lizardmen I think.

My first attempt at an Empire list looks a little something like this -

Lvl 4 Wizard - Lore of Light
Lvl 4 Wizard - Lore of Life
Captain on Warhorse BSB
Master Engineer

Swordsmen x 25
Handgunners x 20
Greatswords x 20

Outriders x 5
Knights with Lances x 10
Knights with Great Weapons x 10

Mortar x 2
Great Cannon x 2
Helstorm Rocket Battery

Lots of magic, lots of artillery. The magic will mostly be for buffing the Knights and Greatswords so that they can mop up once the shooting has softened enemy units.

I'm still not sure about having 2 level 4 Wizards, but since you can actually squeeze 2 Lord level human characters into a 2500 point list I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm sure if I did the math I'd find that 8 levels of magic is a bit too much under 8th edition, but I'm not familiar with either of the Lores I'm going to be using so I figured having more variety to choose from would be better than not the first time around.

Results to follow.

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